15-Ton Outdoor Gantry Repair Crane Case Study

Columbus McKinnon teamed up with Nebraska Hoist & Crane to create a 15-ton outdoor overhead gantry crane and hoist designed by Kelley Engineered Equipment

Crane Systems | Hoisting & Lifting Equipment | Power & Motion Technology | By Samantha Lotz | Oct 29, 2020

Products and Services

Channel Partner: Nebraska Hoist & Crane

Location: New York City


  • Assist in completion of solution for bridge-building gantry crane
  • Supply specialized products that are ideal for harsh outdoor environments


  • Designed system from extensive Columbus McKinnon product portfolio with components that work seamlessly together to get project up and running quickly
  • Hoists and variable frequency drives include features that offer additional protection from water, dust, and inclement weather

Teaming up with Nebraska Hoist & Crane, Columbus McKinnon assisted with the creation of an outdoor 15-ton overhead gantry crane and hoist, designed by Kelley Engineered Equipment. Intended to rebuild the Riverside Drive bridge that leads to the George Washington Bridge in New York City, the gantry crane includes adjustable spans, powered by a 44K generator, and features auto leveling, which ensures that the load is balanced throughout a lift or rotation. The Columbus McKinnon team recommended several products to keep the crane and hoist system functioning efficiently outdoors with reliable, safe operation.

Assembled in Wadesboro, NC, the Shaw-Box SK electric wire rope hoist is available with a variety of customizable features that make it ideal for use in outdoor environments with the potential for inclement weather.

  • Stainless Steel Control Enclosures: NEMA 4X enclosures and hardware for use on hoist, trolley, and bridge
  • Panel and Motor Heaters: Available for hoist, trolley, and bridge motions
  • Control Panel and Motor with IP66 Protection: Electrical enclosures in combination with anti-condensation heaters prevent entry of dust and water

The IMPULSE•VG+ Series 4 Variable Frequency Drive was installed to control the crane’s hoist motion, with the IMPULSE•G+ Variable Frequency Drive controlling the trolley motion. Magnetek IMPULSE drives offer:

  • Precision control
  • Continuous monitoring of environmental and functional components
  • The ability to maintain safe functional thresholds to decrease mechanical fatigue
  • Optional specialized application software that can be added to the already robust drives
    • Drive Synchronization
    • Sway Control
    • Bucket Control
    • Static Stepless Simulation Software