IMPULSE G Plus Mini Photo
IMPULSE G Plus Mini Photo


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IMPULSE G Plus Mini Photo
IMPULSE G Plus Mini Photo
The low horsepower (HP) IMPULSE•G+ Mini is our easiest to program drive to date, with user-friendly standard programming for basic applications and advanced programming capability for high performance environments.

The IMPULSE•G+ Mini is designed with an expanded HP range and an identical dimensional footprint as the IMPULSE®•P3 Series 2 (up to 5HP) and a smaller footprint beyond 5HP. All this, plus assured reliability and lower cost make the IMPULSE•G+ Mini Adjustable Frequency Crane Control the product of choice for your overhead material handling needs.

Features and Benefits

Features & Benefits


The IMPULSE•G+ Mini from Magnetek continues our history of providing the most reliable and cost-effective adjustable frequency crane controls available. The low horsepower (HP) IMPULSE•G+ Mini is our easiest to program drive to date, with user-friendly standard programming for basic applications and advanced programming capability for high performance environments.


Our most compact low HP drive to date, the IMPULSE•G+ Mini’s size permits the use of smaller control enclosures, reducing the overall cost of an installation. It also expands application opportunities on smaller cranes, hoists, trolleys, and monorail carriers. The IMPULSE•G+ Mini is available with standard 120 VAC interface card, with 24 VAC, 48 VAC, and 24 VDC optional.


The IMPULSE•G+ Mini provides the choice of programming in Basic or Advanced access levels. In the Basic access level, the parameter availability (features) and navigation is nearly identical to the IMPULSE•P3 Series 2 in Basic mode. In the Advanced access level, the parameter availability and feature set is opened up to reveal the full capacity of the IMPULSE•G+ Mini drive. In this mode, the up and down arrow keys will navigate through the already familiar parameters of the IMPULSE•G+ Series 4 Crane Control.


This built-in feature continuously detects hoist overload conditions throughout the frequency range, halting upward motion and only allowing the load to be lowered. It continuously monitors the hook load, both during acceleration and constant speed, eliminating the need for load cells in most applications. Its new auto-setup feature will define the hoist’s maximum hook load in seconds. Load Check II detects overload conditions when loads are “snagged” during low speed operation. With these control advancements, the drive will pause lifting when the rated capacity is approached and will only allow the load to be lowered. These enhancements provide increased safety and productivity.


Available in ½ through 20 HP in 380-480V or ¼ through 20HP in 200-240V three phase ratings. This allows the user to select the most cost-effective product for low HP applications through Class D service. Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology provides energy savings compared to traditional contactor technology.


This option reduces the depth of the drive by as much as 45%. Finless capacities are available in 230-460V ½ through 5HP. Consult factory on the suitability of the flat heat sink design for your application. IMPULSE•G+ Mini can also be purchased as part of a complete pre-engineered complete control panel.

Magnetek G+ Mini Express Programming

This video provieds a step-by-step overview of how to express program Magnetek's IMPULSE G+ Mini Variable Frequency Drive.

New Course: Introduction to Magnetek® IMPULSE® AC Drives

This online course includes discussions of basic principles and operation of Magnetek’s industry-leading IMPULSE® AC variable frequency drives for crane applications.

Course Designers: Jon Walters, Mike Mizzell, Dennis Hankes



Magnetek Support Services

Over 150 years of combined experience means Magnetek has the expertise to skillfully serve your application needs before, during, and after we complete a project. With products designed to maximize the performance of your material handling system, start-up and field assistance, programs designed to train employees on optimal product usage, and quick, value-driven product repair and recertification, Magnetek is able to assist you with the highest level of service.


Sway Control Demo

With sway control technology, you’ll benefit from:  

  • Greatly reduced load swing while traversing a load
  • Improved productivity by allowing the crane operator to concentrate on lifting and lowering the load
  • Reduced chance of material damage from swinging loads
  • Enhanced safety and reduced potential for personnel injuries and damage to equipment
  • Lower maintenance costs and increased uptime by reducing stresses on structural, mechanical, and control components


Automated Systems

At Columbus McKinnon, we are dedicated to accelerating innovation and expanding our portfolio of automation and diagnostic solutions. One way we are doing this is through the development of intelligent automation solutions for new and existing cranes. See how our technology is helping to create the smart cranes of the future.

Antenna Installation and Troubleshooting Guide

Download the free guide from our tranining team to ensure proper antenna installation. And keep the guide handy for useful troubleshooting steps if needed.

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