Yale PMF Hydraulic power packs Picture
Yale PMF Hydraulic power packs Picture

Yale PMF Hydraulic power packs

Yale PMF Hydraulic power packs Picture
Yale PMF Hydraulic power packs Picture

Multiple-flow hydraulic pumps can advance four cylinders with the same speed at the same time by injecting equal amounts of hydraulic oil into each individual cylinder.
This principle allows a synchronized lifting of machines or similar loads from a central point. Even under different loading conditions the cylinders advance in synchronisation.

Features & Benefits

Levelling of a lopsided load is easily possible by an individual control of each single cylinder. The lifting phase is initiated by a push-button remote control box and can be interrupted and continued at any time.
Lowering of the load is done by operating the directional valve in connection with the throttle valve individually for each circuit. The multiple-flow pumps can drive all kinds of hydraulic cylinders, machine jacks or stage lifts.

• 4-point synchronized lift due to 4 equal, independent and individual oil flows.
• 4 manually operated directional valves, or 4 solenoid directional valves allow an individual or joint control of all 4 connected cylinders (easy levelling of loads).
• Safe load hold due to check valve in each circuit.
• One-man central operation.
• Motor on-off switch by means of a pendant remote control box in connection with manual valves.
•A complete remote control box to operate the solenoid valves

• All pump packs are also available with 4/3 direction-valves (for controlling the double-acting hydraulic cylinders.
• All power packs can be supplied with a protection frame suitable for on-site operation.
Also cart-frames with 2 fixed and 2 swivel castors are available on request.

Scope For each of the four circuits the ready-to-use supply includes: glycerine-damped pressure gauge, 3-way control valve, safety-check valve, a female coupler-half as connecting port. Furthermore: hydraulic oil, carrying handles, motor on-off switch, motor connecting cable, pendant remote control, electro-box with transformer and motor relais, oil level gauge and oil-filler/ventilation plug. All multiple-flow power packs are also available with 4-way directional valves in order to operate double-acting hydraulic cylinders.