Yale FPS Foot pumps

Operating pressure 700 bar
Used to operate single-acting hydraulic cylinders, especially for repeated applications, such as checking of welding samples, pressing of connection components (crimping), actuating of clamping devices, as well as for all applications, where it is necessary to keep hands free.
The pump can be used everywhere, as it is independent of an external energy source and is easily portable. An extremely good stability guarantees a comfortable and safe operation up to the highest pressure. It is a “real” foot operated pump, as the return stroke of the connected hydraulic cylinder is released by foot control.

Features & Benefits

• Operating pressure max. 700 bar.
• Absolute stability due to large base plate.
• Minimized labour fatigue.
• Operating pressure adjustable. Valves accessible from the outside.
• Return stroke of cylinder also controlled by foot operation.
• Oil port 3/8 NPT.

• Pressure gauges and suitable adaptors.
• Hydraulic hoses