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Intelligent Crane Components for Optimal Performance. Whether lifting molten metal in a steel production facility or utilizing a full crane system in automotive manufacturing, Columbus McKinnon’s overhead crane kits can help. With a comprehensive portfolio of high-tech crane controls, components, wire rope hoists, and automation technology, we provide everything you need for a complete intelligent lifting system. Our crane components and technology are specially designed to work together for optimal performance, easy integration, and quick installation.




1. Runway Conductor Bar System

Our conductor bar systems are a practical, proven, and economical way to deliver power to overhead cranes and hoists. Whether you need power for a standard top-running hoist application, a curved monorail, or a special lifting or positioning application, our versatile, easy-to-install conductor bar systems can help.

2. Collision Avoidance

Magnetek collision avoidance systems, such as our well-known LaserGuard™ Mini, allow you to choose the exact functionality, size, and style to fit your specific application needs, helping to prevent crane-to-crane or crane-to-wall collisions. These systems are ideal for all types of cranes equipped with VFDs or contactor controls.

3. End Trucks

Preferred by crane builders for both single- and double-girder applications, our end trucks are known for their durability and dependability. Our popular end trucks are available in underhung, top-running, and bogie configurations for CMAA Class C and D service requirements, depending on your application needs.

4a. Wire Rope Hoists

Available with a wide range of capacities and features, Columbus McKinnon’s portfolio of powered wire rope hoists is known throughout the material handling industry for strength, safety, performance, and reliability. With options such as overload protection, load displays, and travel limit switches, you can customize your hoist to get the job done.

4b. Electric Chain Hoists

Columbus McKinnon's collection of electric chain hoists features some of the most well-known and respected names in the industry including CM, Budgit, Coffing, Chester Hoist, Yale, and more. Our chain hoists are available in a wide range of capacities, features, and specifications designed to meet the needs of your application.

5. Radio Remote Controls

Magnetek radio remote controls ensure accurate control and safe operation of equipment throughout a shift. Available in a variety of configurations, our bellybox and handheld transmitters are designed to work seamlessly with other Columbus McKinnon products, such as powered hoists and motor controls, to provide complete crane solutions.

Bellybox Wireless Transmitters
Handheld Transmitters

6. Sway Control

Magnetek sway control technology helps improve productivity by preventing load swing. This custom software is embedded in our IMPULSE®•G+ Mini VFDs when purchased as part of a complete crane system, providing you with an economical VFD package with sway control built right in.

7. Hoist Synchronization

When there’s a need to synchronize multiple hoists on a single bridge, our patented drive synchronization software makes it easy. This customized software allows you to synchronize VFDs to precisely control motion and prevent the operator from making an uneven lift, increasing operator and facility safety.

8. Festoons

An uninterrupted power supply is vital to smooth crane operation. We offer a complete line of Magnetek festoon systems that provide a reliable, efficient means of delivering power and control to your cranes and hoists. Offered in heavy-duty aluminum, I-Beam, C-Track, mill-duty, and custom-engineered designs for all your application needs.

9. Intelli-Protect™

Implementing no-fly zones limits the risk of collisions, increases safety for equipment and personnel, and improves facility throughput. The Magnetek Intelli-Protect system allows you to designate locations where a crane is programmed to slow down or stop, using motion control products such as VFDs, radio remote controls, limit switches, and sensors.

10. Intelli-Connect™

Downtime due to unexpected maintenance or equipment failure is expensive. Intelli-Connect Diagnostics and Analytics enables predictive maintenance and helps minimize downtime. Intelli-Connect allows for quick and easy programming, maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting of overhead cranes and hoists equipped with Magnetek VFDs.

11. Variable Frequency Drives

IMPULSE® drives are specially designed for material handling applications, providing a complete package of crane-specific capabilities far beyond a general-purpose drive’s functionality. Key features include brake test capabilities, electronic programmable limit switches, adaptive Ultra-Lift™, and other safe lifting features.

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