Watch Sway Control In Action

See the benefits of sway control technology in action!

Sway Control Demo

With sway control technology, you’ll benefit from:  

  • Greatly reduced load swing while traversing a load
  • Improved productivity by allowing the crane operator to concentrate on lifting and lowering the load
  • Reduced chance of material damage from swinging loads
  • Enhanced safety and reduced potential for personnel injuries and damage to equipment
  • Lower maintenance costs and increased uptime by reducing stresses on structural, mechanical, and control components


New! Built-In Sway Control

As standard, sway control is integrated into every new Magnetek-brand IMPULSE®·G+/VG+ Series 5 Variable Frequency Drive. This specialty feature, formerly available only as an add-on to a base VFD, prevents damage to the crane structure and equipment and, most importantly, creates a safe working environment for operators. Sway control remains as an option for our IMPULSE Series 4 VFDs. With these intelligent crane drives, you can also benefit from:Series-5_VG_Right no background.png

Overload Protection
Prevent dangerous overloads that can damage your crane and equipment. This feature measures and sums loads across multiple hoists without the need for a PLC and detects overloads on individual or multiple hoists.

Drive Synchronization
Synchronize multiple hoists on a single bridge. This feature precisely controls motion to prevent the operator from making an uneven lift and eliminates the need for the operator to manually level the hoists.

Safety Integrity Checks
Ensure the integrity of your crane’s brakes and power supply before a lift. This feature minimizes the chance of a load falling to the floor due to a brake failure and will prevent operation if there is a dip in power or an unsafe motor condition.

Travel Limits
Prevent the crane from colliding with the wall or the hook from hitting the floor. This feature allows you to set travel limits to always ensure safe operation.