CM® BatteryStar™: Rethink Your Construction Site with Our Innovative Battery-Powered Hoist

Construction Industry

CM_Hoist_Perspective_1.pngIntroducing the CM BatteryStar Battery Powered Chain Hoist: a new approach to construction lifting technology. A first-of-its-kind, battery-powered chain hoist, this innovative solution from Columbus McKinnon and Milwaukee Tool® changes the way we think about lifting technology, setting a new benchmark for efficiency, portability, and safety on construction sites.

Benefits on the Job Site

Material Hoists for Construction Sites: Leading with Efficiency and Safety

In the fast-paced world of construction, the ability to move materials quickly and safely from point A to point B is crucial. The CM BatteryStar™ redefines material hoisting by delivering:

  • Unprecedented Versatility: From tools and drywall to siding, shingles, and porta johns, the BatteryStar™ is a game-changer, offering a flexible solution, tailored to each site's unique needs. This hoist can be used in both standard and inverted orientations, depending on the job's needs.
  • Enhanced Productivity: With faster lifting speeds than a manual hoist, this portable solutions propels operational efficiency forward, allowing teams to achieve more in less time.

Scaffolding Lift Applications: Redefining Efficiency with Battery Power

Scaffolding work requires precision, safety and reliability. The CM BatteryStar brings power directly to your scaffolding projects, enhancing efficiency and safety with features tailored to scaffold lifting:

  • Focused on Power: Designed to effortlessly lift scaffolding materials, the BatteryStar™ helps to accelerate setup times and enhance job site safety, greatly improving efficiency.
  • Reduced Operator Fatigue: Hoist minimizes manual labor compared to using a lever or hand chain hoist and keeps the operator safely and away from the load, allowing for operation from up to 60 ft. away.


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The CM BatteryStar Advantage

Across both general construction and specific scaffolding applications, the CM® BatteryStar™ stands out by offering:

Exceptional Portability

With no need for electrical power, its battery-powered design allows for use in remote locations and eases transportation across the job site.

Smart Technology Integration

Milwaukee Tool® ONE-KEY™ integration facilitates equipment tracking and management, enhancing operational efficiency.

Long-Lasting Performance

Durable construction and compatibility with Milwaukee Tool® products ensure the BatteryStar is a reliable part of your equipment lineup for years to come.

Operator Safety as a Priority

BK CMCO BatteryStar-3792.jpg

The BatteryStar integrates advanced safety features that not only help keep the operator safe but ensure long life for the hoist. Some of these features include:

  • Wireless remote that keeps operators out of the load path. Remote also features built-in intelligence to alert operators of hoist overload, low battery, or required hoist inspection.
  • Electronic clutch and secondary mechanical clutch provide dual protection from hoist overload.
  • Brake inspection windows that allow operators to easily check brake wear.
  • Manual lowering feature that allows operator to safely lower a load should the battery run out during operation.
  • Inverted operation that eliminates the need to carry the weight of the hoist up to the anchor point.

Transform Your Construction Lifting Experience

With the CM BatteryStar, elevate the efficiency, safety, and productivity of your construction projects. From material hoisting to scaffolding applications, discover how this battery-powered solution can revolutionize your lifting operations. Contact us today to explore the BatteryStar difference.