Introducing CM® BatteryStar™: A Revolutionary Davit Crane Alternative

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Elevate Your Lifting Capabilities with Next-Level Efficiency and Safety

In the world of industrial lifting, the search for more efficient, safer, and versatile equipment never ends. The davit crane has long been a staple in environments where mobility and flexibility are paramount. But what if there was a way to achieve even greater efficiency and safety, without the constraints of power sources or manual labor? Enter the CM® BatteryStar™, the groundbreaking battery-powered chain hoist designed to redefine your lifting operations.

What is the Purpose of a Davit Crane?

Davit cranes are pivotal in various applications, offering the ability to lift and lower heavy loads with precision. Their design allows for easy mobility and installation, making them ideal for short-term lifting tasks across multiple locations. However, despite their utility, traditional davit cranes often depend on manual operation or external power sources, limiting their efficiency and application scope.

Davit Crane vs Jib Crane: Understanding the Differences

While davit cranes and jib cranes are both critical in hoisting applications, their distinct designs serve different purposes. Thanks to their lightweight construction, davit cranes boast unmatched mobility and ease of installation. This mobility ensures that a single davit crane can be used across several pre-installed pedestals, optimizing both efficiency and cost-effectiveness. On the other hand, jib cranes, with their more stationary design, are suited for repetitive lifting in a fixed location.

The CM BatteryStar emerges as a formidable alternative to traditional davit cranes, addressing the limitations of manual exertion and dependence on electrical connections. Watch the BatterStar in action to see how it stands out.


Discover how the CM BatteryStar Hoist Can Deliver Added Efficiency and Safety In These Applications

The CM BatteryStar Advantage: Redefining Lifting Operations

The CM BatteryStar Battery Powered Chain hoist is built with industry-leading technology from Columbus McKinnon and Milwaukee Tool®. Designed for portability and easy installation, the BatteryStar can have you lifting in minutes – simply attach the hoist to an anchor point, slide in a battery, and you’re ready to go!


In the fast-paced world of construction, the ability to move materials quickly and safely from point A to point B is crucial. Change the way you think about lifting technology with our new battery-powered hoist that sets a new benchmark for efficiency, portability, and safety on construction sites.

See how the CM BatteryStar redefines material hoisting

Features & Benefits of the BatteryStar

No Electric Power Required

Operate independently of power sources with the industry-leading M18™ Red Lithium Battery from Milwaukee Tool®, making the BatteryStar perfect for on-the-go lifting tasks where power access is a challenge.

Versatile and Efficient

With the ability to operate in standard or inverted mounting orientations, the BatteryStar adapts to your lifting needs, ensuring efficiency and safety are always at the forefront.

Quick & Easy Installation

Designed for immediate use, the BatteryStar can be set up in minutes, transforming any site into a productive lifting zone without the hassle of power cords.

Unparalleled Portability

Lightweight and compact, the BatteryStar is your go-to solution for easy transport and deployment across various job sites, ensuring lifting capabilities wherever needed.

Precise Lifting Control

With true variable speed, the BatteryStar allows for precise load handling, enhancing operational safety and efficiency.

Safety and Precision at the Heart

The CM® BatteryStar not only prioritizes efficiency and versatility but also places a significant emphasis on safety:

Patent-Pending Brake System

Ensure controlled and precise load descent with an innovative brake design, promoting safety and accuracy in every application.

Remote Operation for Enhanced Safety

Keep a safe distance while maintaining full control over lifting operations, thanks to a wireless remote that alerts operators to critical conditions like overload or maintenance needs.

In this video, we will show you how to pair your wireless remote control with the CM BatteryStar battery-powered chain hoist.

Watch this video to learn about the unique brake inspection windows on the CM BatteryStar battery-powered chain hoist that allow you to check for and remove brake dust buildup.

Did you know the CM BatteryStar can help increase operator efficiency as much as 4x compared to using a manual hoist? Watch the BatteryStar go head to head against a hand chain hoist and see the increased efficiency for yourself.

Elevate Your Operations with CM BatteryStar

Transitioning to the CM BatteryStar means elevating your lifting solutions beyond the capabilities of traditional davit cranes. Whether it’s for construction, maintenance, or any lifting task where efficiency, safety, and mobility are key, the BatteryStar is the ideal replacement for portable and mobile davit cranes in a multitude of applications.

Ready to transform your operations with the ultimate battery-powered chain hoist? Contact us today and step into the future of industrial lifting.