Harsh Environment Application Relies on High-Performance Hoists

Construction | Hoisting & Lifting Equipment | By STAHL CraneSystems | Mar 06, 2018

Heat and dust were no match for proven STAHL CraneSystems lifting technology. High-performance lifting solutions that could operate in harsh environments were needed to effectively lift heavy concrete parts for Egyptian manufacturer ECPC Company.   

One of the many challenges of a fast-growing Egyptian population is over­­­coming the increasing traffic. Egypt is, therefore, investing heavily in infra­­­structure projects such as country­­­wide expansion of roads, bridges, and railway lines as well as the metro lines in Cairo and the Nile and Suez Canal waterways.

ECPC Company is one of the leading manu­­­facturers of pre­­­fabricated con­­crete parts in Egypt for road and tunnel con­struction as well as con­crete pipes for drinking water supply and sewage systems. To serve the growing demands of the Egyptian market, ECPC decided to expand its factory with two portal cranes. The con­­tract was awarded to the com­pany Inter­­­national Crane Factory, a certified partner of STAHL CraneSystems.

Hoists and components were manu­factured in the STAHL CraneSystems factory in Künzelsau. Each crane is equipped with an AS 7 wire rope hoist in twin im­­­plemen­­tation with double girder. As the ropes of the twin hoist run in opposite directions simulta­­neously, the con­­crete parts are lifted and lowered without any side­­ways movement of the hook. To handle the pre­­­fabricated parts, the two portal cranes can be operated individually or together. 

The reliable technology of STAHL CraneSystems is ideal for the hot and dusty environment of Egypt. All com­­po­nents are designed to withstand harsh conditions and ambient temperatures up to +113 °F. Using the standardized, tried-and-tested compo­­nents from STAHL CraneSystems, it was possible to find a high-performing, maintenance-friendly solution to fit exact customer needs.

ECPC Company is one of the largest manufacturers of precast concrete parts in Egypt.