Stone Gallery Enhanced with Special Self-Supporting Crane

Hoisting & Lifting Equipment | By STAHL CraneSystems | Nov 28, 2016

STAHL CraneSystems, along with crane-building partners, devised a unique solution utilizing wire rope hoists, control equipment, and end trucks to improve lifting and transportation operation for natural stone gallery Antonili by Huber.  

To better utilize available space, Huber required a second crane in their warehouse. A prerequisite for the addition was an overlap area served by both cranes so slabs could be transferred from the existing crane in the wider front part of the hall to the new, narrower crane. Stahl- und Kranbau Oeder, a crane-building partner of STAHL CraneSystems, extended the existing crane runway and constructed a new crane runway. “The challenge here was to have the overlapping part of the crane runway be self-supporting so that Huber could use the area underneath for its exhibits without supports getting in the way," said Rudolf Lang, managing director of Stahl- und Kranbau Oeder. 

In designing the overlapping crane runway, Lang’s team had an additional consideration: the gap between the existing crane bridge and the new crane runway had to measure at least a half meter. This meant the crane runway protruding into the room had to be installed at a lower height – an unusual solution. “Due to its unusual configuration, the existing crane can pass alongside the new crane runway. As a result, it is possible for the cranes to overlap without entering the safety gap,” Lang said. STAHL CraneSystems provided SH series wire rope hoists, as well as control equipment and end trucks. Stone slabs are lifted using grippers or slings for sensitive material. The new storage area offers space for more than 40 pieces of material.

The crane bridge was pulled up on one side – a special solution by Stahl- und Kranbau Oeder.