Top Twitter Accounts Every Design Engineer Should Follow

By Duff-Norton | Apr 15, 2019

Let’s face it: with 328 million monthly users, Twitter is a massive source of information. As a design engineer, that means it should be a go-to platform for industry trends, fresh product updates and even new business. From technical magazines to entrepreneurs challenging the status quo, here are 10 Twitter accounts you ought to follow.

#1: Elon Musk


First and foremost is the man behind the next technological revolution. 

Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI; what can’t the entrepreneur do? As a design engineer, Musk’s Twitter is the ultimate inspiration. Follow for updates on the future. 

#2: Luke Robert Mason


Luke Robert Mason is a science communicator tackling the tricky questions on scientific futurism. As the director of Virtual Futures and correspondent at Futurism, he’s a well-loved source for everything science.

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#3: Carlos M. Gonzalez


Sure, Carlos doesn’t have a top grade following, but his insight is extremely well thought out. As Mechanical Engineer and Tech Editor for Machine Design, he knows what he’s talking about.

#4: T. Brian Jones


Brian Jones uses his Twitter account to share useful resources with engineers. As co-founder of Industrial Interface – a community for engineers and suppliers in manufacturing – he’s definitely someone worth following.



Moving away from personal Twitter accounts, @MnetNews is the home of, an insightful online magazine that showcases the latest and greatest in everything from IoT and energy, all the way through to software and regulation in the manufacturing industry.

#6: Manufacturing Leadership Council


At the top of the game is the Manufacturing Leadership Council, a community of people dedicated to improving the processes of manufacturing. Their Twitter feed is a tapestry of useful links and insights into where manufacturing is going, and how we’re supposed to get there.

#7: MNI


MNI is the United States’ oldest and largest compiler and publisher of industrial directories, databases and statistics. They share all things manufacturing, like this interesting article on the 25 companies in the scrap metal industry you should know about.

#8: IMPO Magazine


If you’re experiencing technical trouble or looking for a product solution, the IMPO Twitter feed is your answer. Providing you with forklift mobility tricks and tips and knowledge on the correct manufacturing uniform to keep you safe on site. Be sure to check out their helpful magazine here.

#9: Mary Gannon


Oh Mary, how knowledgeable you are! As Managing Editor of Fluid Power World – and Senior Editor of Design World – Mary has some intelligent insights into design engineering and manufacturing. As part of the Design World editorial team, Mary works closely with Paul J. Heney, sharing useful insights into how caps and plugs are used to protect hydraulic systems from contamination.

Twitter: Your design engineering knowledge bank 

Here’s the thing about Twitter: it’s a great place to build a community.

As a design engineer, Twitter connects you with the right people without the need for multiple phone calls. More than anything, though, it provides you with all the information you need to keep up-to-date in your industry.