Spectrum Analysis Service

Manufacturing | Power & Motion Technology | By Samantha Lotz | Oct 24, 2017


Experiencing Radio Drop Outs? New Radio System Purchase?

Optimize Radio Communication with Magnetek’s Spectrum Analysis Service

The RF spectrum in the industrial workplace has become increasingly crowded. Modern control panels, wireless networks, bar code readers, and two-way communication devices create signal traffic in a facility. Whether you are looking to diagnose current RF issues, expand your current radio control operations, or commission a new facility, Magnetek’s Spectrum Analysis Service helps you navigate what’s “in the air,” reducing RF interference and costly troubleshooting. New radio controls are installed faster and more smoothly.

A highly experienced Magnetek service technician will conduct a scan of your entire facility or a single area. Scans are conducted on all the commonly used operating frequencies, including:

  • VHF (72 - 76 MHz)
  • UHF unlicensed (430 - 440 MHz)
  • UHF licensed (450 - 470 MHz)
  • 900 MHz (906 - 922 MHz)
  • 2.4 GHz (2400 MHz - 2500 MHz)
  • Other frequencies as needed


You’ll receive a comprehensive report presenting:

  • Analysis of our finding
  • Scan screenshots
  • Identification of potential interference
  • Frequency recommendations


Magnetek’s Spectrum Analysis Service is the easiest way to navigate facility airwaves!

Includes up to 8 hours active onsite scanning, plus associated travel. An average of 45-60 scans can be completed during this time frame. Five scans are done per location. Locations are determined by facility layout with a minimum of one location per operating area, typically three locations per bay. Locations can be indoor or outdoor. On-site changes which affect airwaves may invalidate results. Magnetek reserves the right to change this promotion at any time without notice. The results and any recommendations based on spectrum analysis are not a guaranty of operation of any current or future radio systems.

For more information, contact your local Magnetek Sales Representative, field.service@magnetek.com, or 1.866.MAG.SERV (1.866.624.7378).

Download the Spectrum Analysis brochure

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