BatteryrStar Hoist

New CM® BatteryStar™ Battery-Powered Chain Hoist Available for Preorder

By Columbus McKinnon | Jun 11, 2024

image5dzp6.pngWe’re excited to announce that our new CM® BatteryStar™ battery-powered chain hoist is available for pre-order. This first-of-its-kind hoist provides the speed and strength of an electric hoist paired with the portability and convenience of a manual hoist, plus enhanced safety features.

The BatteryStar is packed with features and capabilities that can significantly impact your applications, whether you need to lift materials at a construction site without power, position replacement components for a machine repair, or lift components for crane installation.

Some of the hoist’s unique selling features include:

  • No power required – uses a Milwaukee Tool™ M18™ battery
  • Easy portability, weighing only 47 lbs.
  • True variable speed
  • Wireless remote for operator safety
  • Built-in intelligence on remote with overcapacity, low battery, and inspection reminders
  • Standard or inverted operation
  • The BatteryStar will begin shipping in Fall 2024.


Explore all the features of the BatteryStar


Welcome to the future of lifting, where strength meets portability. Introducing the revolutionary CM BatteryStar Battery Powered Chain Hoist, brought to you by Columbus McKinnon.

Did you know the CM BatteryStar can help increase operator efficiency as much as 4x compared to using a manual hoist? Watch the BatteryStar go head to head against a hand chain hoist and see the increased efficiency for yourself.