New Intelli-Connect™ Mobile App from Columbus McKinnon Provides Easy Remote Access to Essential Crane and Hoist Status and Performance Information

Intelli-Connect wirelessly delivers diagnostic and analytic information from Magnetek® VFDs to reduce downtime, accelerate commissioning and enable predictive maintenance

Manufacturing | Automation | By Columbus McKinnon | Apr 05, 2021

Columbus McKinnon Corporation announces the availability of Intelli-Connect™ Diagnostics and Analytics, the latest solution from the Company's Automation Division. Using Intelli-Connect, crane and hoist users can access detailed system information on their tablet or smartphone through the Intelli-Connect Mobile App. With diagnostic information available at their fingertips, customers can address issues faster, reducing the mean time to recover, plan maintenance and ultimately increase uptime.

Product Benefits

  • Information is available at your fingertips
    to help you manage equipment 24/7.
  • Improved facility and operator safety
  • If your system goes down unexpectedly, Intelli-Connect helps reduce your mean time to recover (MTTR).
  • Set your own SSID (service set identifier) and password to establish a protected link for data flow.
  • Easily email our service team right from the Intelli-Connect Mobile App with any product setup or troubleshooting questions.
  • Combine with electric wire rope or chain hoists, including select Columbus McKinnon models, that utilize IMPULSE® G+/VG+ Series 4 or IMPULSE® G+ Mini VFDs



The Competitive Advantage

The Intelli-Connect Mobile App is equipped with features that allow users to easily set up their system, adjust parameters and store backup sets, log events for faults and alarms, and access technical support for troubleshooting right from their mobile device. By accessing information directly on a tablet or smartphone, operators no longer need to climb up to the drive, power down, and connect hardware to access status information, thus eliminating potentially hazardous situations.