Columbus McKinnon Brings Magnetek® Radio Remote Control Technology to STAHL CraneSystems® Portfolio

New Flex Wave® Radio Remote Controls Provide Enhanced Capabilities for STAHL CraneSystems’ Hoist Technology

By | Jan 26, 2021

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KÜNZELSAU, GERMANY, and BUFFALO, N.Y., January 26, 2021 – As part of the Company’s efforts to combine the industry-leading features and capabilities of its STAHL CraneSystems® and Magnetek® brands, Columbus McKinnon (Nasdaq: CMCO), a leading designer and manufacturer of motion control products, technologies and services for material handling, added its new Flex Wave® radio remote controls to the STAHL CraneSystems product portfolio.

“The integration of industry-leading Magnetek technology with the reliable performance and high quality of the STAHL CraneSystems product offering gives customers increased capabilities for all their lifting and positioning applications,” said Ben Stoller, global product manager for controls. “Ideal for use in material handling, overhead crane and industrial applications, durable and rugged Flex Wave radio remote controls provide innovative control in a reliable, ergonomic design.

Compared to hardwired controls, radio remote controls allow for increased mobility with additional safety features. Operators are not tethered to equipment with a radio and, therefore, are free to move throughout a facility away from potentially dangerous situations while keeping production running efficiently. Not only does this help reduce the risk of accidents, but it also helps decrease wear on materials (e.g. controls hitting walls from suspended cables or pulling loads by the control cable).

“Magnetek’s robust, durable and versatile Flex Wave radio remote controls are ideal for use in all overhead material handling applications. Crane manufacturing partners and system manufacturers worldwide benefit from the combined STAHL CraneSystems and Magnetek technology,” said Marc Döttling, STAHL CraneSystems product manager.

Flex Wave radios are equipped with numerous features to increase the safety and productivity of any application. To prevent unintentional material movements and industrial accidents, the Flex Wave’s intelligent “Zero G” feature detects if a transmitter falls and then automatically stops all operations and movements. The radio’s built-in frequency agility feature allows a transmitter to select a clear channel at start-up. If any radio interference is detected during operation, the radio will automatically move to an available channel, ensuring clear communication and reducing dropouts.   

To increase uptime, Flex Wave controls come standard with one receiver and two transmitters, allowing for quick and easy replacement. If a transmitter is damaged, a spare can be put into operation immediately, reducing the amount of time equipment is inoperable. Managed appropriately, this swap in/out of a spare transmitter can greatly reduce downtime for material handling and crane applications. Flex Wave controls also come standard with alkaline AA batteries that offer 100 hours of operation, helping to eliminate downtime due to battery charging. Optional rechargeable NiMH batteries are available upon request.

Flex Wave remote controls are available with 4, 6, 8 or 12 buttons. They can be programmed for a wide range of applications and are designed for a long service life with more than 2,000,000 switching cycles. Equipped with a rugged housing made of glass fiber nylon, as well as an IP66 protection class rating, Flex Wave controls are ideally suited for use in harsh conditions under continuous load.

Flex Wave is available to customers in the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific. For more information on the STAHL CraneSystems and Magnetek product portfolios, visit

About Columbus McKinnon
Columbus McKinnon is a leading worldwide designer, manufacturer and marketer of motion control products and technologies, automated systems and services that efficiently and ergonomically move, lift, position and secure materials. Key products include hoists, crane components, actuators, rigging tools, light rail workstations, and digital power and motion control systems. The Company is focused on commercial and industrial applications that require the safety and quality provided by its superior design and engineering know-how. STAHL CraneSystems and Magnetek are brands of Columbus McKinnon.