Flex Fit™ Wireless Controls from Columbus McKinnon Provide Flexibility for Mobile Hydraulic Applications

New ergonomic Magnetek® radio control improves equipment safety and efficiency

Agriculture / Forestry | Power & Motion Technology | By Columbus McKinnon | Feb 09, 2021

Columbus McKinnon Corporation announces the availability of Flex Fit™, the Company’s latest wireless radio control for mobile hydraulic applications. Offered in flexible designs with numerous programmable functions, Flex Fit is ideal for applications using on/off or “bang-bang” hydraulic controls. When compared to restrictive, hardwired pendants or stationary consoles, Flex Fit wireless controls help improve operator mobility. With wireless controls, operators are not tethered to equipment and are therefore free to move away from machinery and potentially dangerous situations while keeping equipment running efficiently.

Product Benefits

  • Improved facility and operator safety
  • 4-, 6-, 8-, and 12-button designs can be configured to best suit application requirements. Choose from replaceable or rechargeable battery options.
  • With a comfortable feel, the Flex Fit is ergonomic and reduces fatigue to help ensure accurate control.
  • Available with optional accessories for added protection and flexibility, such as protective rubber transmitter boots and retractable belt clip.
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The Competitive Advantage

Flex Fit systems are packaged with a transmitter and a receiver, which are quick and easy to replace in the event a component is dropped. Spare transmitters can be put into operation immediately, greatly reducing the amount of time equipment is inoperable. Wireless pairing capabilities allow information and settings to be easily transferred between two transmitters or a transmitter/receiver system. This reduces the time it takes for new systems to get up and running and minimizes inventory of spare parts.