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Get the Most from Your Heavy-Duty Motion Application with Duff-Norton® XT Linear Actuators

By Colubmus McKinnon | Apr 07, 2022

Whether there’s a need to position a maintenance platform or control airflow in an HVAC system, the advanced motion control technology found in Duff-Norton® XT Linear Actuators is the ideal packaged solution for your motion needs.  An extension of the popular LT Linear Actuator line, XT Linear Actuators are designed for safe operation, efficiency, and durability and can move and support heavy-duty capacities of 450 to 1250 pounds.

Harsh Conditions Are No Match
With IP66 protection and a corrosion-resistant outer tube, XT Linear Actuators can withstand the most rugged outdoor conditions.

Position Without Power
Switch to manual drive for positioning the XT Linear Actuator in situations where you do not have power, such as armored car windows and doors, agricultural machinery, ATV and AGV applications.

Safety Above All Else
XT Linear Actuators are equipped with internal limit switches to stop motion when both fully retracted and fully extended. ETL tested to UL standards, you have the assurance of safety you can trust.

Customize to Your Application Needs
Our experienced application engineering team will help design custom configurations to meet your unique application needs.


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