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Columbus McKinnon's Response to COVID-19

By Columbus McKinnon Corporation | Mar 18, 2020

As Columbus McKinnon continues to monitor the ever-changing climate of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to assure you that the safety of our employees, customers, global distribution partners and suppliers is our top priority. We are actively monitoring the evolving situation and assessing risks and are ready to implement necessary changes to ensure the highest level of safety possible. 

Impact to Supply Chain

Columbus McKinnon's plants are operational, and our supply chain has had minimal disruption to date. Continuity plans are in place to mitigate future disruption and ensure the ability to deliver the same quality
products and materials to complete your projects. Should the pandemic worsen, our supply chain position could be impacted. If this occurs, we will communicate any changes as necessary.

Committed to Safety

Safety is paramount, now more than ever. Columbus McKinnon will continue to put the safety of our customers, global distribution partners, end-users, and employees at the center of all decisions moving forward. We are also committed to attending to your needs and, to that end, are implementing the following measures:

  • All Columbus McKinnon non-essential business meetings, events and travel are canceled until further notice. We are working to provide you with continual support without face-to-face interaction.
  • Telephonic technical support for our products will continue to be available as usual.
  • We will work with you to determine on a case-by-case basis if in-person, onsite field service work is critical and warranted and will follow all protocols you have in place.
  • Since many of our products enhance the safety of your customers’ facilities, we will continue to communicate about new products that become available during this period.

In our facilities, we are implementing the following:

  • All non-essential visits to our facilities have been put on hold. We will monitor information provided by applicable local governing bodies to determine when normal business visits may resume.
  • Any Columbus McKinnon employee who is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms has traveled to an affected area, has come into contact with a person who has visited an affected area, or for personal reasons traveled outside his or her community, will be asked to stay home for 14 days.
  • Expanded cleaning and sanitation practices have been implemented at all our facilities.
  • We are discouraging close contact, handshaking, in-person meetings, etc. as we practice social distancing.

We recognize this is a challenging time for all, especially for those whose lives and businesses have been directly affected by COVID-19. We will continue to monitor the evolving situation and communicate with you in a timely and transparent way in the coming weeks.