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Columbus McKinnon Enhances its Intelli-Crane™ Family of Automated Solutions to Improve User Experience

Solutions Now Feature Improved Connectivity, Performance, and Simplified Installation

Manufacturing | Automation | By Columbus McKinnon | Mar 28, 2023

To improve the performance of our Intelli-Crane family of automation solutions, we have made some changes to our Intelli-Connect, Intelli-Lift, and Intelli-Protect automation technology.

Intelli-Connect™ Mobile

Columbus McKinnon’s Intelli-Connect Mobile: Wireless Drive Monitoring, Analytics, and Configuration technology now features enhanced performance, speed, and connectivity, providing you with an improved user experience. This automated solution enables simple and easy programming, maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting of variable frequency drives, delivering data directly to a smartphone or tablet.


To make Intelli-Connect Mobile even easier for you to use, we’ve made system improvements, including:

  • Offering a new external mounting kit to simplify the installation of Intelli-Connect Mobile’s wireless operator (WOP-20) in retrofit applications.
  • Enabling over-the-air wireless operator firmware updates via the Mobile App. Now, users will always have access to the latest features.
  • Eliminating the need for users to pay for advanced features of the Intelli-Connect Mobile App. All features, including data logging, event and trend history tracking, estimated remaining hoist life, and more, are now available for free to anyone who downloads the Intelli-Connect Mobile App.


New external mounting kit for retrofit applications.

Intelli-Connect Mobile wirelessly connects to equipment located up to 100 feet in the air, allowing you to get an overview of your system’s operation safely and quickly. No need to power down the crane, climb up to the drive, and connect hardware to access drive information, saving time and effort and eliminating potentially hazardous situations.


Download the Mobile App:

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We have also made improvements to the user interface of Magnetek-brand Intelli-Protect No-Fly Zone Systems, making it even easier to implement and use. We’ve clarified input and output signals by eliminating confusing color coding, differentiated modifiable values, and added dedicated end-of-travel zones. Catalog options have also been streamlined, simplifying the selection and ordering process.


Intelli-Lift Side-Pull and Off-Center Pick Systems can detect a load misalignment or snag condition and alert operators with a visible and audible warning before a dangerous situation occurs. These systems are currently ideal for hoists with wire ropes that remain perpendicular to the ground during the entire lifting range. As Columbus McKinnon becomes a leader in intelligent motion solutions, we continue to develop and innovate these technologies so you can apply them to your most unique challenges, no matter the application or industry.


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