CM-ET Lodestar D8+ Now SQP2 Compliant

CM-Entertainment Launches New SQP2 Compliant Lodestar D8+ Electric Chain Hoist

By | Aug 19, 2020

Lodestar D8+noBG.png

CM-Entertainment is excited to announce the new Lodestar D8+ SQP2 compliant chain motor. The Lodestar D8+ meets all 2018 SQP2 requirements and is the only chain motor on the market certified to meet this standard by TÜV SÜD.



Capacities: 1/2-2 ton
Lift: Up to 184 feet
Speed: 8-64 feet per min
Voltages: 3 phase available
8:1 design factor with double brake installed


Made in the USA, the Lodestar D8+ ensures the highest level of safety for permanent application and global tours. Designed to suspend loads without the need for secondary support, saving cost and time in rigging.

The clutch, located outside the load path, acts as a precise overload device. The zinc plated or Black Phosphate Star Grade EN chain satisfies EN818-7 standards.


Lodestar D8 SQP2 specs.JPG


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