Muckmaster Battery-Powered Underground Loader

RDH Mining Equipment Ltd.

Automation | By Samantha Lotz | Aug 01, 2016

RDH Mining Equipment Ltd., located in Ontario, Canada, has been providing mobile mining and tunneling equipment for use in global mining applications for over 30 years. Traditionally underground mobile mining equipment was powered by diesel engines which require the use of costly ventilation systems to handle emissions. 

“We selected Magnetek as our Variable Frequency Drive supplier because of their proven track record of providing VFDs to the underground coal mining industry. They understand the harsh conditions under which the electronic equipment must operate in a mine,” said Gus Portalier, Chief Operating Officer at RDH. “Magnetek very quickly provided a fully functional traction drive for testing that met our requirements, and also sent a team of engineers and service technicians to assist us with the launch of the Muckmaster 600EB, tuning the motor drive system on site for optimum performance.”

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