Chester Develops Free Wheel Geared Trolley

Custom Free Wheeling Hoist Design

By | Jan 01, 0001

As the industry leader in customized lifting solutions for complex applications, Chester Hoist creates one-of-a-kind hoist and trolley combinations on a customer by customer basis. When a customer requested a trolley that could carry a load 250 feet with quick return for an aircraft industry application, the engineering team began drafting a custom design.

The customer needed the unit to travel approximately 250 feet in the loaded condition and return for another load. They requested the return trip be made by manually pushing the trolley along the beam with the hand wheel disengaged from the trolley drive for a swift, easy return to the loading area.

To accomplish this free-wheeling condition, the trolley drive shaft was split into two pieces. The end of each shaft was splined and a sliding coupling was manufactured to ride disengaged on one shaft. Sliding the coupling over the second shaft provides a lockup condition to allow the hand wheel to drive the wheels of the trolley.

The trolley mechanism drive runs on a combination of ball bearings and oil-impregnated bushings for long service life.

A shift linkage controlled by a hand chain is used to control the position of the coupling. Pulling the chain in either direction allows the drive to be engaged or disengaged. A detent ball is used to maintain the selected position of the coupling, preventing unwanted engaging or disengaging.

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