Apollo House Saves Money and Energy with DC Modernization

Croydon, London, UK

Elevator | Power & Motion Technology | Automation | By Samantha Lotz | Mar 17, 2014

The Challenge

• Existing 3m/s DC-SCR installation employed on six lifts in London's Apollo House required ever increasing maintenance to sustain system operation.

• Sourcing spare parts for this aging installation was becoming difficult.

• The system was not energy efficient.


The Solution

• Modernize six lifts with six 150A Quattro DC Elevator Drives used to operate existing DC motors.

• Quattro DC Elevator Drives replaced the existing isolation transformers, ripple filters and all large core interconnecting wiring required for the DC- SCR solution.



• Installing Quattro resulted in estimated energy savings of approximately 25% when compared to the previous DC-SCR solution which was already using regenerative technology.

• Power factor, harmonic distortion and peak currents were all significantly improved.

• The new solution ensured less heating and more floor space in the machine room.

• Installation was simplified because no isolation transformer or ripple filter was required and there was less on-site wiring.

• The introduction of the Lester Controls' serial 'Direct-to-Floor' controller software resulted in a significantly reduced floor-to-floor travel time when compared to the old system.

• Smoother acceleration and deceleration resulted
in improved ride quality.

• Quattro DC Drives are designed so they can be converted for use with AC motors. This allows the property owner to modernize with these energy efficient DC drives now without changing the motors, but allows the flexibility to convert to AC motors in the future.

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