The True Meaning of the Name “Lodestar”

The Name Behind Columbus McKinnon's Most Popular Electric Chain Hoist

Entertainment | Hoisting & Lifting Equipment | By Columbus McKinnon Training Team | Mar 24, 2021

CM_LodestarVSSmallFrameApplication-25.jpgHave you ever wondered where the name LODESTAR comes from?

Why isn't CM's most popular electric chain hoist named LOADSTAR? 

“Lodestar” is defined as a guiding star. In 1955, when the first industrial Lodestar was introduced, many of our hoists had galactic names like Meteor, Satellite, and Comet.

It was the first of many unique products that Columbus McKinnon brought to the material handling industry, which also included aluminum hoist frames, the Weston-Type brake, and the first alloy chain.

The CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist is recognized as the standard in overhead lifting. Generations of users have relied on the power and dependability of the CM Lodestar for their material handling applications. Available as individual hoist units, in hoist/trolley combinations or as integral components of complete lifting systems; the CM Lodestar® is used in numerous applications and industries.



In a CM-ET training class, Jamie, a CMCO training course attendee from Canton, Michigan wrote this answer:

“A Lodestar is one that serves as an inspiration, model or guide. The Lodestar hoist was engineered and designed to be a leader and model in the entertainment industry.”

By Jamie, CM-ET Trainee


We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


About CM: A Legacy of Innovation

CM products set the standard for lifting at the turn of the 20th century and continue to lead the industry in safety, efficiency, and innovation. The CM Cyclone was introduced in 1904 and has maintained its status as one of the most popular and reliable hand chain hoists ever designed. CM's Herc-Alloy chain was created in 1935, disrupting the chain industry to meet demands in coal mines and steel mills. In 1955 we introduced the iconic CM Lodestar, still among the highest-quality powered hoists on the market today.

CM continues to build upon its brand legacy as a leader in innovation with the world’s first HMI-certified ratchet lever hoist, CM Smart ID radio frequency identification, and CM Hi-Tech automation technology.

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