How to Stay Safe When Lifting in Harsh & Hazardous Environments

A Safety Conversation With Columbus McKinnon Trainers Henry Brozyna and Rob Bruno

By Henry Brozyna and Rob Buno | Aug 12, 2020

Columbus McKinnon Trainers discuss how to stay safe when lifting in harsh and hazardous environments.



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Power line clearance as per ASME B30.5

These are the clearances for energized power lines for mobile cranes.


About Our Speakers:

Henry Brozyna

Henry Brozyna is an Industry Product Trainer at Columbus McKinnon specializing in Crane and Hoist Inspection and Repair, Rigging & Load Securement He has been training on crane and rigging safety for more than 20 years. Henry is a member of the Tie Down committee and former Board of Directors for the WSTDA; this group writes the standards that are used by the material handling industry, the transportation industry, and also law enforcement. Henry is also a current member of the Crane Institute’s board of directors.


Rob Bruno

Robert Bruno is an Industry Products Trainer with Columbus McKinnon Corporation. Rob served 6 years in the U.S. Coast Guard on a 225 ft. Seagoing Buoy tender where he was a crane operator handling all shipboard rigging. After the Coast Guard, he worked for a large wire rope & sling manufacturer where he was responsible for sling fabrication & inspection, as well as offsite rigging & inspection. After moving to California, Rob worked for one of the largest synthetic sling manufacturers in the U.S. where he was responsible for Nuclear, Hydro, Aerospace, & wind energy customers. Rob joined Columbus McKinnon in November of 2017.