Loyalty is More Than Skin Deep

Entertainment | Hoisting & Lifting Equipment | By Columbus McKinnon Corporation | Nov 14, 2011


Over the years, users in hundreds of industries have learned to trust one of the many brands from Columbus McKinnon to satisfy their daily needs. Many of these users will not consider other brands, and these loyal customers show their appreciation in numerous ways. One of the most unique ways came to us from Martijn Wingelaar, a head rigger for Rotterdam Rigging BV in The Netherlands. Martijn has been rigging in various capacities during the past nine years, working productions from Holiday on Ice to Tiesta, one of the world’s top DJ’s.

According to Martijn, “We do all of the maintenance on the hoist ourselves and have been through the CM Motor School. The company has more than 80 CM hoists in stock, most of them Lodestars. We also perform maintenance for many other companies in The Netherlands.”

Loyalty Led Martijn to Choose the Lodestar

Regarding the tattoo, Martijn relays this story, “There are a lot of scaffolders in Holland who have Layher ring (part of a scaffolding system) tattoos. I thought that was kind of cool, but I wanted something even more unique. Since I use the Lodestar so much and have never viewed it as just another hoist, I decided to go this direction. “

Now that is product loyalty at its finest! Martijn is what we call a “Superfan!”

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