Dixie Industries Sixth Wheel Offers a Safe Alternative to Standard Crank on Trailer Landing Gear

Transportation and Rail | Rigging | Safety and Training | By Columbus McKinnon Training | Jan 30, 2013


We are proud to announce an innovative and ergonomic approach to truck safety for raising and lowering landing gear with our new Dixie Industries Sixth Wheel Ratchet.  Dixie Industries is a well-known name in the trucking and rigging industries for its ratchet binderschain assemblies, and heavy-duty components and in forestry and farming industries. 

The Sixth Wheel Ratchet boasts numerous features that set it apart from the standard S-crank:

  • Ergonomically reduces injury risk while operating trailer landing gear – operator can use an ergonomically-correct posture, utilizing body weight while reducing muscle exertion versus a standard crank that operates in a complete circle and requires individuals to exert extremely high forces in postures that are biomechanically inefficient.


  • The Sixth Wheel is a proven solution preferred by 80% of drivers in actual use tests.
  • Already in use today – Schneider National , Inc. compiled a study on the Sixth Wheel’s effectiveness and decided to outfit their entire fleet with Dixie Industries Sixth Wheel Ratchet.
  • cost effective solution to the ever growing expense of workers compensation claims – a single shoulder surgery is an estimated $42,000 cost to a trucking company or owner-operator. Eliminating just one shoulder injury could provide enough savings to outfit an entire fleet of trailers with Sixth Wheel ratchets.
  • Designed to fit all standard landing gear – available in three lengths, the Sixth Wheel Ratchet fits all trailers and all standard landing gear.
  • Self-locking security cap provides security – made of hardened steel, the self-locking pin and cap can only be removed by using heavy duty shop equipment like a torch or grinding tool.
  • Patented technology – there is only one Sixth Wheel Ratchet, don’t be fooled by knock-offs. Look for US Patent 7,021,659 stamped on all authentic Dixie Industries Sixth Wheel units.

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Dixie Industries Sixth Wheel Ratchet

The Sixth Wheel Ratchet by Dixie Industries is the safe and ergonomic alternative to standard S-cranks used to lower tractor trailer landing gear. Standard S-cranks require a full-circle motion.This puts the operator in unsafe postures while exerting extremely high forces. The Sixth Wheel utilizes a ratcheting mechanism that allows the operator exert more force while decreasing awkward and unsafe postures.

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