Customer Concerns over Recommended Shackle Pin Length

Rigging | By Columbus McKinnon Training | Feb 01, 2019


Bill asks the following question about shackles and shackle pin length:

“I have a concerned employee because we have some screw pin shackles with pins that do not protrude past the clevis when fully engaged. I have looked in several rigging books and cannot find any information on the threaded pin. We have other shackles from another manufacturer, and those pins extend approx 1/16″ past the end of the clevis. I know this sounds trivial, but we need to address every safety concern raised by our crew members. I would appreciate any information you could provide on shackle pin length.”


Our Columbus McKinnon Training Team answers:
There have been many misconceptions on how a screw pin should be applied on a shackle.  Many riggers will tell you to get the pin snug then back off a 1/2 turn. This is incorrect.  The 2010 revision of ASME B30.26 Rigging Hardware, section 26-1.9.4 Rigging Practices states “The screw pin threads shall be fully engaged and tight, and the shoulder should be in contact with the shackle body. “

So, to answer your question: The threads do not need to extend beyond the shackle body.

It is good practice to obtain the latest copy of the ASME B30.26 standard for more information.

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