LaserGuard™2 image
LaserGuard™2 image


Collision Avoidance Systems

LaserGuard™2 image
LaserGuard™2 image

Magnetek's LaserGuard™2 enhances the performance of overhead material handling systems by preventing crane-to-crane or crane-to-end-stop collisions. Avoiding collisions results in reduced maintenance costs and increased operator safety. This system is ideal for use with all types of cranes with adjustable frequency drives, soft starters, or contactor controls.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Magnetek's LaserGuard 2 is the most technologically advanced collision avoidance system available, using optical lasers to monitor your crane’s position. The system can take action at 3 distance set-points to manage crane-to-crane and wall-to-crane operation. Integrated intelligence monitors the power quality and laser signal integrity, which provides extra layers of safety.


  • LG2 = LaserGuard 2
  • H = High Voltage (85-264 VAC, 120-370 VDC)
  • L = Low Voltage (9-36 VDC)
  • 4 = NEMA 4 Enclosure
  • 4X = NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • 25 = 25-Meter Laser Sensor Cabling
  • 40 = 40-Meter Laser Sensor Cabling
  • 75 = 75-Meter Laser Sensor Cabling
  • IR = Extra Relay with 10-Meter Laser Sensor Cabling


  • 8 in. to 150 ft. (0.2-45.7 m) detection range*
  • IP65 rated laser sensor**
  • 85-264 VAC, 120-370 VDC; 9-36 VDC (optional)
  • Pushbutton programming for easy configuration
  • 3 distance set-points, each with a relay contact
  • Visible laser light allows for easy alignment and quick setup
  • Status LEDs for seamless troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • cULus Compliance: None
  • CE Directives: None

* Runway length may be greater than detection range
** Not recommended for outdoor applications


  • Laser Sensor
  • Sensor Mounting Bracket
  • Sensor Cable
  • Laser Support Unit
  • 2 x 2 ft (0.6 x 0.6 m) Reflector