Discover the Power of IP66 Linear Actuators

Understanding the IP66 Rating

An IP66 rating guarantees exceptional protection for actuators against dust and high-pressure water jets. This certification means the actuator is completely dust-tight and safeguards against severe water intrusion, making it a dependable choice for rigorous industrial applications.

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Columbus McKinnon proudly presents our elite selection of linear actuators, featuring the SPA and XT series. Each is engineered to thrive in demanding conditions, offering IP66 rated protection - a testament to their durability and superior performance.

Addressing Industrial Needs with Precision

In harsh industrial settings, the presence of dust and water can cause equipment failure and costly downtime. Our Duff-Norton brand IP66 linear actuators combat these challenges effectively, offering:

Compare and Contrast: Our IP66 Actuator Lineup

Product Line



Stroke Length (mm)

Speed (in/sec)

Environmental Rating


Ideal Applications



115 or 220 VAC (60 Hz)

Various up to 915

Up to 0.83s


Adjustable, Optional Customization

Outdoor, Industrial Environments



24 VDC

150, 300, 450, 600

Up to 0.88

-13 to 150°C (9 to 302°F)

Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum, Potentiometer

Heavy-Duty, Corrosive Environments

Select the Ideal Actuator for Your Needs

Discover the perfect IP66 linear actuator for your project:

The XT series stands out in corrosive environments, maintaining functionality without compromise.

See the XT Series in Action

The SPA series is versatile and robust, ideal for a broad spectrum of uses.

Explore the SPA Series