Image manual winch ALPHA 300-1000kg
 Image manual winch ALPHA 300-1000kg

SW-W ALPHA Wall-mounted wire rope winch

Manual Winches

 Image manual winch ALPHA 300-1000kg
 Image manual winch ALPHA 300-1000kg

Load capacity: 300 - 1000 kg

Features: Robust steel plate housing with low weight and flat design, rope departure possible in all directions, easy and quick attachment to walls.

Features and Benefits

SW-W ALPHA is the versatile wall-mounted wire rope winch for lifting loads.

Equipment and processing

  • Carrying loads 300 – 1000 kg
  • Robust steel sheet housing with low weight and flat build
  • Smoothly running spur gear for high efficiency
  • Rope output possible in all directions
  • All parts galvanized
  • Rope drum is additionally coated with corrosion protection (KTL)
  • Attached hand crank with load pressure brake ensures secure hold of the load in every position
  • Simple and quick attachment to walls



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