Handling lifting table HTP

Handling Lift Tables


Load capacity: 500 to 2000 kg
Lifting heights: 800 - 1250 mm
Features: Retractable design, pendant control operation

Features and Benefits

Handling Area

Lifting table for mounting, packaging and maintenance work

Ergonomic workplaces

Height-adjustable platform


Special features 

  • Carrying loads 500 - 2000 kg
  • Lifting heights 800 - 1250 mm
  • Shearing in construction for evenly distributed loads
  • Smooth steel sheet platform 
  • Platform change possible
  • Control between the shears - operation by suspended button
  • Use indoors - hall operation
  • Comprehensive accessories range
  • All lifting tables correspond to the DIN EN 1570-1, or EC – machinery directive 2006/42/EC
  • Operating voltage 400 V – 50 Hz
  • Ambient temperature indoor area 0° C to +40 °C
  • Maintenance supports, surrounding contact strip, line break protection, lowering brake valve



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