Budgit Series 2200 Image
Budgit Series 2200 Image

Features and Benefits

lightweight, economical hoist

Pull cord control provides a lightweight, economical hoist for accurate control of loads

Pendant throttle control

Pendant throttle control hoists offer ergonomic one-handed controls, for ease of operation

free hoist movement

Inlet air swivel with built-in strainer provides free hoist movement

rugged design

Aluminum frame and end cover contributes to the lightweight, easily portable, and rugged design

Heavy duty shoe type brake

Heavy duty shoe type brake is a proven design for stopping and holding loads in heavy duty applications

External adjustment screws

External adjustment screws for decreased lift and lower speeds

External brake adjustment

Limit stops

Limit stops prevent over-travel in upper and lowering directions

compact gear reduction

Equa-torque gearing of alloy steel, heat treated spur gears is accurately machined to provide a close meshed, compact gear reduction

Eight-vane motor

Eight-vane motor provides high torque, smooth starting and excellent control

Tapped exhaust port 1/2 NPTF

For clean room applications or to add a supplemental muffler in addition to the built-in muffler for even quieter operation