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What is a workstation crane?

Whether modifying yourLS3480_Workstation Crane Info Graphic v4.21024_1.jpg manufacturing processes or building a new plant, choosing the right lifting system to get the job done is essential. Workstation cranes, one type of overhead lifting system, facilitate lifting and moving heavy loads within a workspace, making positioning materials and equipment more accessible and safer for workers to use. As a result, they help improve productivity, increase quality, and enhance workplace safety.

Many types of workstation cranes are available, each offering unique advantages and disadvantages that make them suitable for different work applications. Types of workstation cranes include bridge cranes, both ceiling-mounted and freestanding, gantry cranes, jib cranes and enclosed track rail systems.

Columbus McKinnon manufacturers all components that comprise a workstation crane, from the chain and hoist to the end trucks and rail trolleys. Whether your application requires intersecting runways or is a linear workstation, our workstation crane specialists are here to help you create the perfect solution. 

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Workstation Bridge Cranes

When you need to move loads from one place to another, our aluminum-rail workstation cranes are a lightweight, high-strength option compared to large, high-capacity cranes. As well as being available in manual and automated configurations, our Unified Industries brand workstation crane configurations include ceiling-mount or freestanding systems with various sizes and lifting capacities. These workstation cranes are designed to seamlessly integrate with Columbus McKinnon’s portfolio of powered and manual hoists for a complete lifting solution.

Ceiling-Mounted Workstation Crane

When there is no available space on the ground, or if you prefer to keep your lifting system clear of foot or vehicle traffic, ceiling-mounted installations are an ideal option. These systems work exceptionally well for long runways with multiple bridges and can be conveniently modified if your application increases or the size of your facility expands. A bridge crane mounted to the ceiling functions effectively in a building with a frame composed of concrete, steel, or aluminum and carries up to 4,000 lbs. at maximum capacity.

Freestanding Workstation Crane

Freestanding structures can be installed anywhere on the factory floor, providing the most flexibility since they can be easily relocated when the procedure changes. This crane style is designed to be secured to the ground and can handle loads moving horizontally and vertically. This equipment is beneficial for confined spaces or those with frail ceilings unfit for a ceiling-mounted bridge crane.

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Workstation Gantry Cranes

A gantry crane, also known as a floor-supported crane, consists of horizontal beams on top of two or more individual supports that rest on the ground in the workspace. Enclosed track gantry cranes can lift up to 2,200 lbs. and are an ideal solution anywhere lifting equipment is required on an infrequent basis. Designed for portability, these cranes can be easily moved throughout a facility in response to changing configurations. Featuring adjustable lifting heights of 6", they are easy to install and are sure to meet your facility's requirements. Heavy-duty locking casters allow these portable cranes to be locked in place to ensure safety and stability and stored out of the way when not in use.

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Workstation Jib Cranes


If there is insufficient headroom and structural support, jib cranes are the optimal lifting solution. They can supplement regular track systems or monorails and be employed in bays at the sides of workshops. This provides operators with total access to the workspace without forfeiting any ergonomic advantages. Utilizing enclosed track aluminum monorails, jib cranes come in various configurations based on your facility’s needs, including articulated, wall-mounted, and base-mounted units with capacities up to 2,000 lbs., boom lengths up to 20 feet, and rotation up to 360 degrees.

Workstation jib cranes can be paired with Columbus McKinnon’s full line of manual and powered chain hoists, adding reliability and durability to your lifting application.

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ETA Systems & Components

Enclosed track aluminum rail (ETA) systems can be incorporated in several different types of workstation cranes. They provide smooth, quiet operation and are available in straight-track, standard, and compound-curve configurations. Each profile is extruded from high-grade 6005-T5 aluminum and can be used as both runway and bridge rail. The aluminum profiles are lightweight, and the enclosed track ensures the rolling surface stays clean and debris-free for more reliable, productive systems. Regardless of what lifting system is best for your application, quality and durability are essential. That’s why we utilize industry-leading Unified Industries enclosed track aluminum rail in every workstation, gantry, and jib crane it provides.

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Our ETA rail systems and components are designed to maximize productivity while maintaining the highest safety standards. This makes them more ergonomic than standard steel bridge cranes and monorail systems. ETA-3, 4, 5, and 8 Rail Systems consist of a full suite of components, including hangers, end trucks, load trolleys, stops, festooning, inspection gates, splices, telescoping rails, limit switches, and more, so you can get your system up and running quickly. Dual redundant safety measures are in place for all critical components, so you can be assured your system operates reliably. All enclosed track hangers, brackets, and trolleys are designed and tested with a safety factor of 5:1 yield stress.

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