Unified Uni-Life Complete Fall Protection System
Uni-Life Profile
Unified Uni-Life Complete Fall Protection System
Uni-Life Profile

Unified Uni-Life Track Complete Fall Protection System

Fall Protection Systems

Unified Uni-Life Complete Fall Protection System
Uni-Life Profile
Unified Uni-Life Complete Fall Protection System
Uni-Life Profile
The Uni-Life Track complete fall protection system offers a total solution to safeguard against accidental operator slips and falls from elevated work areas.

Features and Benefits

Unified’s lightweight aluminum enclosed track rail systems and components are designed to maximize productivity without sacrificing safety. Now, we are utilizing the same principles and components from our years of material handling experience to provide you with a safe, ergonomic fall protection system – Uni-Life Track Complete Fall Protection System.

Comprised of an anchor system, body harness and connection point, Uni-Life Track offers a total solution to safe guard against accidental fall from elevated work areas, while helping you comply with OSHA requirements and ANSI standards.

Because Uni-Life Track’s unique enclosed track aluminum system is rigid, it offers critical safety and cost advantages, including:

  1. Reduced secondary injuries from the primary fall
    by providing a stable anchorage between two endpoints. And, the Uni-Life Track trolley will immediately stop if a fall occurs.
  2. Reduced fall clearance because the rigid anchor system does not need to have a factor built in for deflection in the event of a fall. This is especially useful in low-headroom situations.
  3. Lower total cost of ownership due to fast and easy installation. System end trucks come preassembled on bridges, hangers and end stops preassembled and packaged by system.

There are 3 major components to every Uni-Life Track complete fall protection system:

1. Anchor System

At the heart of the system is Unified's Enclosed Track Aluminum (ETA) rail. This lightweight, easy-to-install, rigid track system provides facilities with smooth, quiet, and clean operation. When combined with our anchor trolley, which uses dual bearing load wheels and guide rollers, we offer the lowest rolling resistance in the industry. The low rolling resistance allows the anchorage trolley to seamlessly self-track above the operator, reducing the risk of a swing fall.

2. Body Harness

A properly fit, full body harness is required for the operator to attach to the lanyard connection point. Unified offers the highest quality body harnesses on the market.

3. Connection

The connection point where the operator is engaged with the anchor system. Unified offers a self-retracting lanyard to provide minimum fall distance and maximum mobility.

Uni-Life Track® Anchor System

Uni-Life Track offers a better anchorage solution

Unified's Uni-Life Track system is one of the most critical pieces of a complete fall protection system. The aluminum profiles we use are lightweight and with enclosed track, the rolling surface stays clean and free of debris. Our systems are custom designed for your specific application and available for use with single or multiple workers. All systems are designed to meet or exceed the standard set forth by ANSI Z359.1. Whether you are unloading a flat-bed trailer or working on a wing of an airplane, our representatives and engineers will work to customize the exact system to meet your needs. 

In addition to meeting the ANSI Z359.1 standard, Uni-Life Track® systems also meet the following standards:

  • Aluminum Enclosed Track Standards
  • ANSI MH27.2 - Specifications for Enclosed Track Underhung Cranes and Monorail Systems
  • Welded to AWS D1.1-00 Structural Welding Code - Steel AWS Certified Welders
  • CMAA Standards
  • Free Standing Structures
  • AISC - Manual of Steel Construction

Rail Composition & Profiles

  • Extruded from 6005-T5 Series alumnium
  • Lightweight: 45% lighter than steel bridges
  • Enclosed track design

Uni-Life Track® System Components

Uni-Life Track offers integrated components for optimal performance

The Unified Uni-Life Track system anchor system features the industry's best suspension components. Suspension components are some of the most critical pieces of a complete fall protection system.

Articulating End Trucks

Unified's Enclosed Track Systems feature articulating end trucks for bridge/runway configurations. Unlike rigid end trucks, articulating end trucks allow the operator to easily move the inertia of the bridge.

A. Almag Aluminum Castings on components - Lightweight with high tensile strength.
B. Molded Double Bearings on Load Wheels and Guide Rollers - Allow for lowest rolling resistance in the industry.
C. Load Wheels & Guide Rollers - Zytel glass filled nylon.
D. Safety Lugs - In the event of a catastrophic wheel failure, the trolley will not come out of the rail.
E. Bronze Tee (end trucks only) - For increased durability
F. Aircraft Safety cable (end trucks only) - In the event of a catastrophic bronze tee failure, the bridge will not fall to the ground. 

Uni-Life Fall Trolley

The low rolling resistance also allows the anchorage trolley to seamlessly self-track above hte operator, reducing the risk of swinging in the event of a fall. The Uni-Life Track fall trolley is designed to engage when a fall occurs. The braking mechanism will prevent the worker from rolling into a dangerous area.

Hanger & End Stop Components

Unified has multiple options for hanging your Uni-Life Track system, depending on your connection point. To provide you the safest solution, all hangers include a 8-foot safety cable with rod ends to tie around the steel above in the event of a catastrophic failure. 

Dual redundant end stops are standard with your Uni-Life Track system on Monorail systems and Bridge/Runway systems. 


Uni-Life Track® System Configurations

Flexibility to meet your application needs

There are many options to choose from for your Uni-Life Track system. Rely on our product experts to help you decide the safest and most cost effective solution for your application.

Ideal for assembly, inspection or loading/unloading tankers, flatbed trucks and rail cars.

Perfect when a working envelope is required, the worker can travel in an X/Y direction.

Ceiling-Mount Systems

By using the existing support steel, these types of systems are perfect when you need to have an open floor plan or if there is no room to mount the system to the floor. This option is the most cost effective solution as you do not have to use columns to support.

Free-Standing Structures

This type of system is used when floor space is readily available. The system attaches to custom lamp-post-style structure for monorail systems and four or more posts for Runway/Bridge Systems. These systems are flexible in that they can be moved if the process changes. 

Jib Arm

The perfect option if the ceiling is inaccessible or adequate space on the floor is not available. They can be mounted to the wall and work great when fall protection is not required or overhead cranes need to share the same space.