The development of wire rope hoists

1922 Development and production of the first electric train type SS with wire rope and drum. For the first time, this enables higher conveying heights and faster lifting speeds.
1952 Series production of type C electric wire rope hoists begins. Due to the modular design, the possible uses of the wire rope hoist are versatile and almost unlimited. For the first time, two lifting speeds are also possible.
1978 Introduction of the AS wire rope hoist series. This wire rope hoist also has a modular design. The motor, gearbox and drum lie one behind the other on a common axis.
1998 The new generation: The result of many years of experience is the modern SH wire rope hoist with different performance sizes. It is one of the most modern wire rope constructions in a compact U-design.
2004 Market launch of the SHW winches. The load-bearing capacity of the wire rope hoists is extended into the heavy-duty range.
2008 Introduction of the explosion-proof SH wire rope hoist for use in gas liquefaction plants (LNG).
2010 The series of the AS 7 ZW wire rope hoist with twin hoist extends the payload range of the proven wire rope hoist into the heavyweight class.
2011 Sales launch of the new standard winch SW with load capacities of up to 250 t.
2013 Expansion of the AS series by the ASR 7. The wire rope hoist has been specially developed for the payload range between 20 and 32 tonnes.
2015 Introduction of the SHA wire rope hoist series.