Important customised solutions throughout our history

1908 The first paternoster elevator is installed in the Graf-Eberhard-Bau in Stuttgart. With the transport route over 15 floors, it is also the highest paternoster in the world.
1956 The fastest passenger elevator in Europe will be installed in the Hermes Tower, Hanover. The Messeturm is about 90 meters high.
2004 STAHL CraneSystems is setting new standards worldwide with the super short cat STK. With the 60% reduction in height, maximum hook paths can be achieved.
2007 The Twin Drive Concept TDC complies with industry standard EN 14492-2 regulations. Wire rope hoists with TDC are equipped with two redundant motor-gearbox units. The two motors and brakes are controlled synchronously.
2008 The STD Vario double chain hoist, the further development of the double chain hoist, with electrically adjustable hook spacing is introduced. It is used when long goods of different lengths are to be transported.
2011 LNG hoists are being developed especially for the LNG sector (gas liquefaction plants). With their redundant design, they are considered the safest hoists on the market.