Download CM HI-Tech (Hoist Interface Technology)

Adjust & monitor hoist performance with easy-to-use interface

Lodestar Software 1440x725

Whether you need to adjust your hoist operating speeds or check motor run time and over-current events, CM HI-Tech™ (Hoist Interface Technology) puts the information you need at your fingertips. With convenient USB connectivity, the operator can simply plug the hoist into a computer or tablet to change or access performance information.


CM HI-Tech is one of the easiest to use computer interfaces on the market developed exclusively by Columbus McKinnon. CM HI-Tech allows you to choose the control method of the hoist as well as the maximum, minimum and, if applicable, medium speed of the hoist. Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10, the interface also provides:

  • Built-in error prevention that ensures the hoist is programmed correctly, rejecting incorrect parameters and prompting the operator to make corrections before programming is complete.
  • Acceleration and deceleration rates automatically calculated based on control methods and speed selections.
  • Comprehensive hoist status information, including start/stop cycles, motor run time, over temp and over current events, as well as temperatures. Hoist fault information is also available.


Download latest version of CM HI-Tech™ interface software.