Holiday job

Practice early! Gain experience and earn money at the holiday job

You don't want to wait until the end of your school years to earn your own money? Then STAHL CraneSystems in Künzelsau is the right place for you. Every year during the summer holidays, we offer you the opportunity to gain your first professional experience with us at a holiday job. You will gain exciting insights into the production of a world-leading company and can master exciting tasks adapted to your level of experience and knowledge. And by the way, you earn your own pocket money!

For this summer, all holiday jobs have already been taken. Try your luck next year!


Student Internship

A big question mark in your head?
We help you to find your professional path

School will soon be over and you still have no idea what you want to do afterwards? Imagining what professional life looks like and what opportunities and opportunities you have is not easy. That's why we at STAHL CraneSystems in Künzelsau offer all interested students the opportunity to get to know our plant in Künzelsau and how to work there during a one- or several-week internship.

Student internships are possible with a flexible start date in all offered training occupations.