Tigrip TAG / TWG Universal grab

TAG Universal grab
Capacity 350 - 5000 kg
TWG - with modified side plates
Capacity 750 - 1250 kg
The universal grabs TAG and TWG save time, as it does not require chains, cables etc. when hoisting and loading material.

Features & Benefits

The large jaw capacity allows to tackle a variety of sizes with only one clamp. It can be used for loading machine tools, lifting steel constructions, welding and assembly jobs as well as for concrete and prefabricated pieces.

The universal grab with a small outside measurement is a specially designed grab for use on hard to reach places (e.g. lathe machine.

• The automatic clamping force is retained by a positive tension spring, even if there is slack in the chain.
• The “Quick-Open” type universal grab opens by lifting and simultaneously pulling the lever out against the tension spring. The jaw is closed by the spring.
• Universal grabs up to 2.0 t capacity are equipped with round chains, clamps with increased capacities are delivered with roller chains.

• Model TAG up to 1.25 t WLL is available with protective lining on the clamping jaws on request. This results in a decrease of the jaw capacity by 10 mm.