Radio Control Programmer (RCP) Option

The Radio Control Programmer (RCP) allows you to customize your transmitter and receiver programming. Configure key parameters of the transmitter and receiver such as RF channel and access code, which are required for them to communicate.

Features & Benefits

The output mapping function on the receiver allows users to determine how inputs, such as commands from the transmitter or CAN messages, affect receiver outputs to control how the system operates. Text information displayed on the transmitter can be customized to display specific receiver feedback, including parameters, command confirmation, and alarms. Crucial information is displayed at a glance, so an operator can act quickly to prevent unsafe lifts and unwanted movements. Thousands of configurations are possible, allowing you to easily program your system to meet your exact requirements.

Programming can be done on a Windows PC, and transferred easily between systems, allowing spares to be put into service in minutes, reducing equipment downtime.

The RCP package includes a USB Drive, activation code, USB cable, and User’s Guide. Previous versions of RCP can be updated to the latest version here.

RCP works with the following products:


  • telePendant
  • MBT
  • PGT
  • Mini-PGT
  • Mini-MBT
  • XLTX
  • MLTX2
  • Flex VUE®
  • CHTX


  • inteleSmart2
  • MHR
  • MHC
  • CAN-2
  • WIC-2402
  • Flex M

Note: Features may be limited on some radios.