DC Engineered Panels

Combining Magnetek's extensive application experience and cutting-edge products, we provide the ultimate solutions for overhead motion control. Our pre-engineered, custom engineered, and specialized panels can be utilized in a variety of AC and DC applications. With unmatched performance and built-in safety features, Magnetek's control panels feature all the components needed to provide complete control for the simplest of projects to the most complex.

Features & Benefits

Customized Panels

Custom engineered panels are designed and built to your specifications and include all standard features of our pre-engineered panels with unlimited configurations, components and accessories. Magnetek designs panels for IMPULSE®, OmniPulse®, and MagnePulse™ drive products. Additional products, including radio remote controls, collision avoidance systems, and warning devices, can be mounted and wired as requested. 

Special Projects

For unique projects, Magnetek incorporates panels into applications such as automated systems or control houses, which can be mounted directly on the crane. We engineer to your specifications—no matter the application—by utilizing the most technologically advanced solutions. Magnetek offers complete crane-specific packages to decrease maintenance requirements, enhance safety, and provide superior end products.

Additional Features

  •     Complete or Semi-Automation
  •     Feedback from Magnetek Adjustable Frequency Drives
  •     Remote Monitoring
  •     Material Tracking
  •     Status and Diagnostic Reporting
  •     Positioning Systems
  •     Wired or Wireless Communications
  •     PLC and HMI-Based Control

Options may include (but are not limited to):

  •     Enclosures for caustic and other environments
  •     Wiring for Radio Remote Crane Controls
  •     Mainline contactors
  •     Rod disconnects
  •     Control transformers
  •     Flanged disconnects
  •     Main circuit breakers
  •     NEMA brake contactors
  •     Load and line reactors
  •     Air-conditioning
  •     Cooling fans
  •     Heaters and thermostats
  •     Enclosure insulation
  •     Selector switches
  •     Indicating lights
  •     Door mounted keypads
  •     Horns/Bells
  •     UL 508 Certification