Sway Control System (SCS®) Series 2

Sway Control System Series 2 improves productivity by allowing crane operators to concentrate on load engagement rather than minimizing load swing.

Features & Benefits

This custom software is embedded in our IMPULSE®•G+ Series 4 variable frequency drives for new or existing crane control systems without the need for external programmable logic controllers or costly height measurement devices.

Our Sway Control System improves productivity by allowing the crane operator to concentrate on load engagement/disengagement rather than focusing on minimizing load swing. The system also improves the accuracy of load placement and reduces material damage caused by incidental contact of swinging loads.

SCS Series 2 Benefits:

  • Enhances safety in operations and reduce the potential for personnel injuries and damage to equipment
  • Reduces maintenance costs and downtime by decreasing stresses on structural, mechanical, and control components

SCS Series 2 has been designed to:

  • Require only one IMPULSE Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) per traverse motion with SCS software. Additional IMPULSE VFDs are connected in a Master/Slave fashion
  • Operate in V/F, Open Loop Vector and Flux Vector* control methods
  • Be compatible with existing master switch and radio control configurations such as Multi-step and Infinitely Variable Uni-Polar/Bi-Polar analog
  • Eliminate the need for an external programmable logic controller
  • Accept a hook height measurement when combined with an IMPULSE®•VG+ Series 4* hoist drive
  • Eliminate the need for a high maintenance feedback device such as an absolute encoder. The system can also be configured to operate in an operating hook height “zone”
  • Work with multiple hoists on the same bridge

Performance features include:

  • Optional inputs available to fine tune the pendulum length when using multiple below the hook attachments or varying load sizes
  • Automatic hook height measurement when combined with an IMPULSE•VG+ Series 4* hoist
  • Seamless integration with special functions within IMPULSE VFDs such as MicroSpeed™ and Reverse Plug Simulation™, end of travel slow down and stop limits
  • Enabling or disabling with the flip of a switch

System Limitations:

  • 100 Ft. Hoist height (consult factory for greater than 100 Ft. of lift)
  • Motion must be stopped prior to enabling/disabling SCS function

*Consult factory for use with IMPULSE•VG+ Series 4