Drive Synchronization Software

Need to synchronize multiple drives? Our IMPULSE® Drive Synchronization software makes it easy.

Features & Benefits

This custom software allows you to synchronize multiple IMPULSE•VG+ Series 4 Drives. Drive Synchronization software offers increased safety by precisely controlling motion, and prevents the operator from making an uneven lift. The “slave” drives utilize an encoder option board with two encoder inputs, and monitor both its own encoder feedback AND the “master’s” encoder feedback, while also sending timing status information back to the master. The slave compensates for any position errors by adjusting its motor speed, resulting in near-perfect alignment between the master and slave motor shafts. The slave drive also possesses the ability to automatically re-synchronize the motors, and has an electronic gearing feature. While both drives are running, there is no accumulation of position error, so alignment is always maintained.  

You can:

  • Operate a multiple hoist application independently or synchronized 
  • Synchronize a cable reel to a hoist 
  • Synchronize multiple trolleys on a single bridge 
  • Synchronize multiple motions between 2 or more cranes

This Drive Synchronization software:

  • Saves time and money by eliminating the need for a PLC 
  • Increases productivity because the operator does not need to level the hoists manually

Drive synchronization software may be applied on:

  • Speed matching - two or more independent systems, such as independent hoists, bridges or trolleys that are not mechanically linked or bound together
  • - System needs to be able to correct error without being mechanically bound (i.e. through the wheels of an end truck)
  • - Bridge applications where two synchronized motors are driving opposite end trucks (does not automatically compensate for skew) 

Drive synchronization software should NOT be applied on:

  • Load sharing applications with two or more mechanically coupled systems. This includes directly coupled motor shafts, trolleys or bridges which are mechanically coupled together, or two or more motors which are indirectly tied together through a structure, such as a bridge or trolley 
  • Driving two or more wheels on the same rail, such as the swing motion on a log handling crane, or a bridge motion on a polar crane

In these cases, the “Load Share” feature within Magnetek’s standard IMPULSE Crane & Hoist software is a better solution. 

Note: Because customers may not be familiar with programming application specific software of this nature, Magnetek strongly recommends and may in some cases require that the purchaser use Magnetek’s Field Service Personnel for initial startup as part of the purchase. Please consult factory for additional information.