DataLogger Series 4 Drive Recording Device

The DataLogger Series 4 (DLS4) allows you to easily access the Run, Alarm, and Fault histories, drive parameters, and drive trending data of Magnetek’s IMPULSE® Series 4, Series 3, and G+ Mini drives.

Features & Benefits

The DataLogger System Consists of Four Components:  

  • DataLogger Series 4  
  • USB Cable for PC Communication   
  • IMPULSE∙Link 5 Viewer PC Software  
  • Serial Cable for DataLogger Drive Connection 

DataLogger Now Stores:     

  • Alarm and Fault history  
  • Trace information for viewing drive data that led to the Alarm/Fault condition  
  • 11 parameter sets that can be uploaded, stored, and downloaded into drives of the same model, control method, firmware version, and motion

Designed with Even More Memory to Log:    

  • Last 5000 Run events    
  • Last 400 Alarm events   
  • Last 400 Fault events   
  • Over 900 MB of trend history 

New Features 

The new drive trending feature makes troubleshooting faults and alarms simple by allowing users to see how drive monitors interact at the same time. Drive trending is PC-compatible and yields graphical data to aid in viewing drive operational statuses. The DLS45 also retains the functionality of a drive keypad so users can configure drives without switching between the two devices to log or modify parameters.

Easy to Use 

This compact, user-friendly device simply plugs into the keypad pocket of the IMPULSE∙G+ and VG+ Series 4 drives or is connected by cable to Series 3 or G+ Mini drives.  All data acquisition is automatic. Data viewing and analysis is available via the LCD scrolling display or by connecting the DLS5 to your PC and viewing with the IMPULSE∙Link 5 Viewer software.

The DataLogger is powered by the IMPULSE drive’s internal power supply when logging or by USB when connected to a PC. Additionally, remote mount kits are available for drive monitoring from outside the control enclosure for arc flash avoidance.