ZWW-L / ZWW Wall-mounted rack & Pinon jacks

Capacity 300 - 10000 kg. Wall-mounted rack and pinion jacks are used for lifting, lowering, pulling and pushing of loads.

Features & Benefits


  • Robust steel design with precisely machined worm and spur gears for smooth and easy manual operation.
  • Solid steel rack with additional bore hole for fastening of the load.
  • Low wear owing to hardened gearing parts and precisely machined teething.
  • Up to 1200 kg lifting load for pushing or pulling loads are equal.
  • At standard tensile load from 1500 - 10000 kg. Compressive load possible on request.
  • Rigid wall mounting.



  • Improved corrosion protection owing to zinc-plating or special coating of rack (from capacity 1500 kg).
  • Different rack length on request.
  • Symmetrical toothing for model ZWW on request.
  • Crank with folding handle for model ZWW-L.