YaleERGO 360® UT Ratchet lever hoist with safety gear

Lever Hoists


Capacity 1500 - 9000 kg
The YaleERGO 360 ® UT is now also redefining the world of hoists for overhead line construction. The automatically acting safety gear, with a patented, once more increases the safety of use.
Here, too, the ergonomic and safety enhancing design of the device and the revolutionary, patented hand lever enable efficient work at any angle, for lifting and pulling applications.

Features & Benefits

Yale ERGO UT - Overhead line construction

  • Hand lever pull with safety gear
  • Preventing a sudden crash
  • both during inactive phases and during use

Yale ERGO360® UT - Development Tests

  • Security Testing
  • Comparisons between the Yale ERGO360® UT hand lever hoist with safety gear and conventional hoists
  • Convince yourself of the great safety gear.

YALE ERGO360 General Purpose Unit

The YaleERGO 360 ® all-purpose device redefines the world of hoists. 

  • Ergonomic product design for optimum safety
  • Up to 30% less leverage
  • Work up to 12 times faster

NEW !! DGUV test certificate for overhead line construction !!


Benefits and Features


The YaleERGO 360® UT has a unique, automatically locking safety device to prevent a sudden drop (patented). It guarantees permanent monitoring and is active during operation as well as during inactive moments without the user having to activate it.

In case of emergency, i.e. after failure of the load pressure brake and consequently exceeding the specified speed, the safety gear will automatically activate. It safely absorbs the load, preventing the creation of larger dynamic forces which could cause further damage.  YaleERGO360_UT_Grafik.png

Due to its design, the device remains in a safe state even in the event of an error (e.g. rusted ratchet pawl, broken springs or other influences such as basic corrosion or dirt).


A housing optimized for outdoor applications (incl. water drainage holes on all sides) prevents a build up of water and the influence of moisture in extreme conditions (e.g. rain, fluctuations in temperature) External components such as the chain guide and the stripper are zinc plated. Some of the internal moving parts such as the drive pinion, the ratchet pawl, the load chain wheel and the ratchet are MKS coated (Zinc flake coating).




Optionally, the devices can be equipped with our proven and tested YKST chain stop or the KKL chain claw.

With both options, the YaleERGO 360® UT does not need to be readjusted after the individual steps but is only required in neutral mode.

*The usage is based on each country’s specific regulations.