YaleERGO360 9t
YaleERGO360 9t

YaleERGO 360 Ratchet lever hoist

Lever Hoists

YaleERGO360 9t
YaleERGO360 9t

Capacity: 750 - 9000 kg. Redefining lever-operated hoists, the YaleERGO 360 features the revolutionary crank handle that allows for efficient operation in both lifting and pulling applications.
Ergonomically designed for increased safety, the patent-pending YaleERGO 360 lets the operator work up to 12 times faster and with as much as 30% less pull force than with conventional ratchet lever tools.

Features & Benefits

YALE ERGO360 General Purpose Unit

The YaleERGO 360 ® all-purpose device redefines the world of hoists. 

  • Ergonomic product design for optimum safety
  • Up to 30% less leverage
  • Work up to 12 times faster