Yale YEHB High-tonnage cylinders

XXpositioning or handling heavy loads. The double-acting function allows a faster piston return, even with longer hydraulic hoses.
Lifting and moving of large machinery, steel construction, bridges or similar loads, supporting of buildings and foundations.
Further applications are positioning, weighing, through pressing, stress testing or jacking of all kinds of loads.

Features & Benefits

• Operating pressure max. 700 bar.
• Double-acting with hydraulic return.
• Generous guiding bands ensure a robust piston guiding.
• Hard chromium-plated piston.
• Stop ring as piston end stop.
• Interchangeable hardened saddle.
• Dirt wiper protects against dirt.
• Oil port thread 3/8 NPT.
• Incl. 2 female coupler halves model CFY-1.
• Mounting threads on request.
• All cylinders have lifting rings.