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High-performance screw jacks, linear actuators and lifting equipment

Welcome to the technology leader for components and system solutions of mechanical drive and lifting technology


Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products GmbH

For 150 years we have been a technological leader in motion and lifting technology.

Whether turnkey lifting systems for trains and buses, spindle lifting elements,

electromechanical components of linear drive technology or hoists

for steel and heavy industry, logistics, stage technology, offshore installations and ATEX areas.

Customers worldwide benefit from our products, services and complete solutions from project planning to maintenance.

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Product Overview - Motion and Lifting Technology

We are technology leaders in components and system solutions for mechanical motion and lifting technology.

Our product portfolio includes screwjacks, linearmotion, liftingcolumns, liftingtables, electric and manuel wireropewinches, screws, nuts, bevelgear boxes and accessories.

Our friendly and competent sales team including engineers, technicians, field service and sales partners in your region and we are there for you anytime.

With our tailor-made service and maintenance contracts, f.e. UVV (accident prevention regulation), our service technicians ensure the safety and efficiency of your company.

All service packages, from advice to installation is from a single source. We will find the right solution for you! 

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Intelligent Solutions Production Plants

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Every Columbus McKinnon product is engineered to help our customers work smarter, while improving the safety, uptime, and productivity of their operations. Our innovative, intelligent solutions combine equipment used to lift and move materials with industry-leading control and automation technology.

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2021 PR03_BETA-EL_Moeller_Quadriga1_IMG_3899
9-29-21 • Hoisting & Lifting Equipment • Inspection & Maintenance

BETA EL wire rope winches for height adjustment of a mobile work platform in industrial refractory furnacess from Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products

Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products has equipped a vertically travelling platform for demolition and lining work in vertical industrial furnaces with BETA EL electric wire rope winches of the Pfaff-silberblau brand so that high loads can be moved safely and reliably in synchronous operation over long stroke lengths.

Möller Feuerfesttechnik from Lemgo has developed the Quadriga System® from this to carry out inspection work and refractory installation in vertical industrial furnaces. Since conventional scaffolding is no longer required, the Quadriga can save considerable costs.

Watch the Quadriga here in action:

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A success story spanning the decades – and we're not done yet!

Customers have been relying on the quality of our products and the reliability of our services for over 150 years. These basic values are also embedded in the new grouping within Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

Whether you're looking for components to use in motion and lifting engineering or in solutions within the fields in rail and road, stage technology or offshore installations – we will always allow you to choose between standard products, customisations or complete solutions.

This is how our customers benefit from trusting a solid Group represented the world over. We produce on site in all the major markets and are represented by a network of service subsidiaries. This enables us to offer fast delivery, close consultation for special solutions and quick response times for all our services.

The corporate divisions also complement each other within their portfolio of services to favour the customer. One-stop complete solutions with one contact: it's second nature to us. We offer our customers full planning across numerous speciality disciplines. Every developer within our Group can draw on the expertise gained from a whole host of successful individual solutions.

A treasure trove of experience that our customers all over the world can benefit from every single day!


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